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HPFP upgrade kit STAGE 2 (12mm) for all VAG
Manufacturer: RaceHub
Buy at a best price HPFP upgrade kit STAGE 2 for all VAG
HPFP upgrade kit STAGE 2  (12mm) for all VAG [0]

HPFP upgrade kit STAGE 2 (12mm) for all VAG

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HPFP Upgrade kit Stage 2: Assembled and modified fuel pump with upgraded «RACEHUB» internals 12mm

This fuel pump provides sufficient fuel for vehicles up to 1200+ hp. No maximum limit of Stage 2 fuel pumps found yet.

What does the High Pressure Fuel Pump upgrade kit exist for?

During the tuning process and increase in power, stock high-pressure fuel pumps usually quickly reach maximum level of output and capacity.
On some cars, this problem can appear even on Stage 2 level of upgrades, leading to "fuel cuts" especially in the midrange (3000-5000 rpm), that can lead to disastrous consequences… Sure thing, when we deal with Stage 3 level og upgrades and further, this is a MUST-installed upgrade.

The modified fuel pump (as in the picture) is by 44+% more effecient than oem pump, that is more than enough for any existing project.
Not only increases the throughput, but also increases the pressure and shape of the injection, thereby allowing to increase the efficiency of the engine output while tuning. The pump comes assembled, so the only thing to do is to replace the oem pump with upgraded one.

Compatibility list (recommended):

VAG 2.5T FSI EA855
VAG 4.0 TFSI EA824

& many  others! The HPFP upgrade fits almost all VAG cars! Message us fore more details.


ATTENTION: not all car models are presented on the website! In case you can not find your model or particular upgrades for it - MESSAGE us !
Our technical support manager will help and provide information.

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