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4.0 TFSI EA824 Low Pressure Fuel Pump kit

2 150 EUR
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LPFP Upgrade kit

What does the High Pressure Fuel Pump upgrade kit exist for?

Our «RACEHUB» LPFP upgrade kit solves the problem of lack of fuel, that appears on 4.0 TFSI powered cars (S6, RS6, S7, RS7). The product is an ideal solutionthat has been carefully developed and has proven its effeciency on many cars. Technically, the upgrade allows you to have 2 fuel pumps in one system at one and the same time, being controlled with oem ECU.

No fault codes, no fuel heating, and no software tuning changes required! The system continues to work smoothly as in oem variant.

The integration of a second basket housing and additional pump ensures that the necessary constant  fuel flow of high volume under high-load power runs as well as during cornering, acceleration and braking especially at low fuel tank levels. 

Plug and play, the manual with schemes is included.

Compatibility list:

Audi S6 (C7) 2012+
Audi S7 (C7) 2012+
Audi RS6 (C7) 2012+
Audi RS6 Performance (C7) 2014+
Audi RS7 2013+
Audi RS7 Performance 2014+

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