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Upgrade Camshafts BMW B58
Upgrade Camshafts BMW B58
Upgrade Camshafts BMW B58 [0]
Upgrade Camshafts BMW B58 [1]

Upgrade Camshafts BMW B58

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Specs: 270°/268° 10.30mm/10.15mm Valve Lift

- BMW B58 Gen 1 Engine
- BMW B58 Gen 1,5 Engine
- BMW B58 Gen 2 Engine

High performance cams to suit BMW Gen 1 B58 engine with bolt on intake, exhaust and turbo upgrades. For an engine producing around 550-750hp running a 58-68mm turbo. Still maintains full use of Valvetronic and Dual VANOS for good throttle response and wide power band. Must have valve spring upgrade.

If you need camshafts for power over 750 hp - write to us! We have some offers.

Compatibility list:

BMW 1er (F20-F21 LCI) M140i 2015-… 340HP
BMW 2er (F22 LCI) M240i  2015-… 340HP
BMW 3er (F30-F31-F34) 340i 2015-… 326HP
BMW 3er (G20) M340i 2020-… 387HP
BMW 4er (F32-F33-F36) 440i 2017-… 326HP
BMW 4er (G22) M440i 2020-… 387HP
BMW 5er (G30) 540i 2016-… 340HP
BMW 6er (G32) 640i 2017-… 340HP
BMW 7er (G11-G12) 740i 2016-… 326HP
BMW 8er (G15) 840i 2018-… 340HP
BMW X3 (G01) M40i 2017-2021 360HP
BMW X3 (G01) M40i 2021-… 387HP
BMW X4 (G02) M40i 2018-2021 360HP
BMW X4 (G02) M40i 2021-… 387HP
BMW X5 (G05) M40i 2018-… 340HP
BMW X7 (G07) M40i 2019-… 340HP
BMW Z4 (G29) M40I 2019-… 340HP
BMW Z4 (G29) M40I 2021-… 387HP
Toyota Supra (A90) 2019-2021 340HP
Toyota Supra (A91) 2021 328HP


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