BMW S58B30 G8X M3 / M4 - X3M / X4M Upgrade Turbochargers STAGE 2 900+ hp

4 700 EUR
Are you ready to hand over your turbine:
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One of the best. If not the best. 

Turbos for your M4 or M3, X3M or X4M. Our plug and play solution for all S58 engines!

Power range: 900 +  hp

  • very good performance even at low boost pressures
  • optimal durability
  • significantly improved storage
  • near-series response
  • Plug'n'Play can be installed, all original oil and water lines can still be used
  • ANTI-Heat Turbine & LM Super Torque Compressor

The software must be adapted. We also recommend a larger downpipe, intake, high pressure pump and intercooler.

If you want to have your turbo rebuilt, this requires that the charger housings are in perfect condition.


BMW M3 (G80) 2020-... 480HP
BMW M3 (G80) 2020-...  Competition | 510HP
BMW M4 (G82) 2020-...  480HP
BMW M4 (G82) 2020-...  Competition | 510HP
BMW X3 M (F97) 2020-...  480HP
BMW X3 M (F97) 2020-...  Competition | 510HP
BMW X4 M (F98) 2020-...  480HP
BMW X4 M (F98) 2020-...   Competition | 510HP