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BMW N63B44T3 / N63TU3 upgrade turbochargers kit 900+ hp

3 650 EUR
Are you ready to hand over your turbine:
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Bolt-on upgraded hybrid turbochargers for latest BMW engine, installed on: BMW M850, M550, X5 M50, X5 50, X6 M50, X6 50, X7 M50, X7 50 with 4.4l N63B44T3 twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Prepare a surprise to AMG, RS and M models!

Power range: 900 +hp


upgrade turbocharger for BMW N63B44T3 features:

  • plug and play installation
  • dual ceramic ball bearings;
  • reinforced bigger machined from the solid compressor wheels;
  • enlarged turbine wheels;
  • refurbished housings;
  • new shafts;
  • balanced on VSR;


Turbos are designed to work with stock exhaust manifold and other engine units. Just install, tune and go. Compatibility list written below, but if you a true BMW fan, you know where this engine is installed without these tips.

Compatibility list:

BMW M850 (G15/G15/G16)
BMW 750 (G11/G12)
BMW M550 (G30/G31)
BMW X5 M50 (G05)
BMW X5 50 (G05)
BMW X6 M50 (G06)
BMW X6 50 (G06)
BMW X7 M50 (G07)
BMW X7 50 (G07)