BMW B57 upgrade turbocharger STAGE 1 400+ hp

1 200 EUR
Are you ready to hand over your turbine:
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Bolt-on solution for diesel BMW of all sizes and colors: 330d, 530d, M550d, 630d, 640d, 740d, 750d, 840d, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7 with 3.0l B57 diesel engine.

Power range: 400 +  hp

Hybrid turbocharger provides quicker power gain and better spool. For those who need  more power and torque (that can be compared to electric car) —  STAGE 2 version is available.

upgrade turbocharger for BMW B57 features:

  • reinforced bigger billet compressor wheels;
  • enlarged turbine wheels;
  • refurbished housings;
  • new shafts;
  • balanced on VSR;

Compatibility list:

BMW 330d (G20)
BMW 530d (G30/G31)
BMW M550d (G30/G31)
BMW 630d (G32)
BMW 640d (G32)
BMW 740d (G11/G12)
BMW 750d (G11/G12)
BMW 840d (G14/G15/G16)
BMW X3 30d (G01)
BMW X3 M40d (G01)
BMW X4 30d (G02)
BMW X4 M40d (G02)
BMW X5 30d (G05)
BMW X5 40d (G05)
BMW X5 M50d (G05)
BMW X6 30d (G06)
BMW X6 40d (G06)
BMW X6 M50d (G06)
BMW X7 30d (G07)
BMW X7 40d (G07)
BMW X7 M50d (G07)