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AEM water methanol kit 1 nozzle
Manufacturer: AEM
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AEM water methanol kit 1 nozzle [0]

AEM water methanol kit 1 nozzle

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Based on AEM components

The kit includes:

  • AEM-based water-methanol injection system – 1 set
  • AEM extra water nozzles AEM – 1 piece
  • Solenoid valve – 1 piece

Water-methanol injection system is an effective way to cool the air that comes to the combustion chamber and to prevent detonation with the help of higher octane rate. We highly recommend it for Stage 3 car projects with either turbocharged or supercharged engines.

This upgrade helps to add more boost safely, to set earlier ignition timing angle and receive higher output from the engine as a result.

The AEM water injection system kit is one of the most reliable on the market and is compounded with highest quality materials.

We can add necessary components to the kit according to your needs — let us know in the details of your order.

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