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Low Pressure Fuel Pump upgrade B48
Manufacturer: Spool Performance
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Low Pressure Fuel Pump upgrade B48

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LPFP Upgrade kit

With the use of high-pressure pumps now being able to support more DI fueling, we have found the low-pressure electric fuel pumps that deliver fuel from the tank to the high pressure pumps to be a bottleneck while chasing high horsepower, especially on E85 fuel. The upgraded stage 3 low-pressure pump kits are a solution for that and it features a twin pump solution with one pump coming in during boost onset. This provides almost double the flow from a stock pump and should be more than enough for over 1000whp worth of low-pressure fueling regardless of fuel type.
Compatibility list:

BMW 1-2 series (F-generation)
BMW 1-2 series (G-generation)
BMW 3-4 series (F-generation)
BMW 3-4 series (G-generation)
BMW 5 series (G-generation)
BMW 6 series (G-generation)
BMW 7 series (G-generation)
BMW X1-X2 (F-generation)
BMW X3-X4 (G-generation)
BMW X5 (G-generation)
BMW Z4 (G-generation)

Toyota Supra

4.5 15 5

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