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Mercedes W177 A45 / C118 CLA45 - Carbon Intake

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Awesome lightweight carbon intake system from Eventuri brand — world known manufacturer of performance intake systems. Not only crazy outside appearance and highest quality carbon, but patented technology of high-flow air filters and air flow distribution. Bolt-on installation, cooler air at intake and improved performance as a result. Gorgeous exterior appearance is second to none. What else do you need for your AMG A or CLA ?

The Mercedes M139 air intake for the A45 and CLA45 has been designed to provide the turbocharger with a smoother path for the air flow. By redesigning the system to provide a straighter path, the turbocharger can generate a boost with less drag and therefore reach the target boost pressure faster over the rpm range. This intake system was designed to provide the highest possible flow rate while maintaining the lowest possible intake temperature to provide a net gain in performance. In addition, the reduced intake flow rate allows the turbocharger rpm to be heard more clearly, which improves driving dynamics.

The Mercedes M139 Eventuri uses a patented carbon fiber housing that provides an aerodynamically efficient airflow path from the filter to the turbine. It's not just another cone filter with a heat shield, but a unique design that causes a Venturi effect and maintains laminar flow conditions to reduce turbo drag.


The Eventuri A45/CLA45 intake system consists of a number of components designed for a specific purpose and manufactured to the highest standards. Eventuri uses 100% prepreg carbon fiber without fiberglass, resulting in a smooth internal surface to maintain smoother airflow.



  • Incredible outlook and appearance under hood
  • Patented carbon fiber Eventuri filter housing
  • Higher flow rate over the stock system
  • Highest quality pure carbon fiber and air-filters material
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Faster acceleration time and power gain +20 hp even without remap (just think how fast it will after appropriate software tune)
  • Aerodynamically more efficient airflow path from the filter to the MAF tube
  • Custom housings provide a smooth transition from the filter to the intake tube keeping airflow laminar
  • Patented filter flow technology
  • CNC machined parts
  • Laser cut stainless steel brackets

Compatibility list:

W177 A45 and A45S, C118 CLA45 and CLA45S  —  M139 Engine

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