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Mercedes GLC63S carbon intake
Manufacturer: Eventuri
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Mercedes GLC63S carbon intake

2 830 EUR
  • Product Description

Awesome lightweight carbon intake system from Eventuri brand — world known manufacturer of performance intake systems. Not only crazy outside appearance and highest quality carbon, but patented technology of high-flow air filters and air flow distribution. Bolt-on installation, cooler air at intake and improved performance as a result. Gorgeous exterior appearance is second to none. What else do you need for your GLC (S), AMG-guy?

Eventuri has developed a great technical solution through extensive real world testing and airflow simulation analysis. 

The Eventuri intake for GLC 63 provides increased flow rate (39% higher flow rate over the stock system), low intake temperatures (system is fully sealed even in the limited space in GLC 63 engine bay) and smooth airflow (the «shaped» design of the system together with rounded panel filters ensure the airflow path does not meet any sharp corners and therefore allows the flow to remain laminar).

With smooth transitions from the filters to the turbo inlets, Eventuri intake minimises the formation of turbulence and therefore the turbos are able to operate more efficiently. This results in an improved throttle response and genuine power gains which increase with higher states of tune.

Since there are various turbo upgrades available for the GLC63 we have also catered a specific solution for larger turbos. Eventuri GLC63 intake is available in 2 configurations:

  • 61mm ID outlets to match the stock and hybrid turbos
  • 3″ ID outlets to match larger aftermarket turbos

The airbox assemblies consist of the upper and lower sections which are separated by the filter panels. Each section has been meticulously designed for maximum internal volume whilst ensuring a smooth path for airflow to travel to the turbos. The most challenging aspect of this design was to increase the internal volume of the airboxes in an attempt to increase the flow rate capacity over the stock airboxes. Since the GLC63 engine bay is so tightly packed, this was only achievable by maximising the total internal height of the airboxes. The biggest increase came from enlarging the upper airbox lids. As can be clearly seen, Eventuri has managed to achieve a significant increase in volume while also providing a smoother airflow path.
Looking at the side profile comparison between the stock and the Eventuri airboxes, it is clear that the stock airbox has a restricted space for airflow after the filter in the upper section. It narrows down to just 23mm in height whereas in comparison, the Eventuri system achieves a height of 56mm which is 143% larger than stock. The stock airbox also has a large area on the top section which is taken up by the MAP sensor. This area is taken away from the internal volume and therefore causes another restriction. Eventuri has relocated the sensors to the back of the upper sections allowing the full volume above the filters to be useable for airflow. Another consideration is the inlet to the lower airbox which on the stock system has a flexible convoluted section with multiple ridges at 43mm in height. Eventuri system removes these ridges for a smoother entry and increases the height to 74mm.

The front view of the airboxes clearly show how restricted the stock version is. With the upper section narrowing down to just 23mm across a large section, airflow is significantly restricted. In comparison Eventuri airbox maintains a much larger area to the turbo inlets. The inlet to the lower section has also been significantly increased in area. The Eventuri inlet is approximately 84% larger in cross sectional area compared to stock.

Bespoke panel filters. To achieve optimum airflow Eventuri designed custom panel filters which have a double filtration layer of ISO 5011 tested non-woven mesh. The filtration medium is dry so does not require oil which can harm sensitive flow sensors. In addition, Eventuri designed them to have a rounded outer profile rather than the traditional rectangular shape which has sharp 90 degree corners. This allowed to maintain a smoother airbox profile which has no sharp corners thus minimising the onset of turbulence in the flow path.

A crucial consideration when using panel filters is to ensure that they are properly sealed inside the airboxes at all times. Since we are using prepreg carbon fiber for the airboxes, we could not rely on the relatively large tolerance of carbon construction in comparison to a precision machined component. Therefore we designed flanges CNC machined from a single billet of aluminum and black anodised, which the filters sit inside. These flanges are mounted inside the carbon airboxes and provide a reliable and accurate seal around the rubber profile of the filters.

Carbon fiber front ducts connect to the airboxes using Eventuri custom EPDM couplers. The carbon ducts are shaped to smoothly transition from the oval shaped air entry openings in the slam panel to the airboxes while maintaining as large a volume as possible.

Even mount holders are CNC machined. To hold the airboxes in place Eventuri uses the stock rubber bushes and to hold these bushes Eventuri has CNC machined the holders for an exact and secure fitment.


  • Incredible outlook and appearance under hood
  • 39% higher flow rate over the stock system
  • Highest quality pure carbon fiber and air-filters material
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Faster acceleration time and power gain even without remap (just think how fast it will after appropriate software tune)
  • Aerodynamically more efficient airflow path from the filter to the MAF tube
  • Custom housings provide a smooth transition from the filter to the intake tube keeping airflow laminar
  • Patented filter flow technology
  • CNC machined parts


Compatibility list:

GLC 63 (S) AMG X253/C253

4.8 21 1

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