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Mercedes C63 GLC63 Black Boost FTA adapters
Manufacturer: Black Boost
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Mercedes C63 GLC63 Black Boost FTA adapters [0]

Mercedes C63 GLC63 Black Boost FTA adapters

255 EUR
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FTA (Free To Air) adapters to convert the diverter valves to blow off valves on your Mercedes C63 and GLC63 AMG with 4.0l  V8 twin turbo engine from Black Boost brand — world known AMG tuner and manufacturer of performance parts and intake systems in particular.


These adapters are a must-have upgrade to your Mercedes AMG 4.0l V8 M176 / M177 / M178 engine application! 

In OEM setup air is re-routed by factory diverter valves outlets directly back into the intakes of the turbochargers. It helps to keep things quiet, however there are some negative side effects to this type of routing.  When you recirculate this air, what is happening is you’re sending ultra hot air from after the turbo’s outlet directly back into it’s inlet.  This causes overly high intake temperatures, which results in lower reliability and lower power. Moreover, under high boost these diverter valves tend to leak.WIth FTA adapters it will never happen.

When using the BlackBoost FTA adapters you are venting the excess pressure to the atmosphere instead, which eliminates these performance related issues, and also results in that much loved sound, ultimately giving a much improved driving experience and auditory satisfaction.  Rest your concerns over engine management control issues due to the atmospheric dumps, as the type of computer control used on these engines does not care about dumping air in this way, and there are zero negative effects to installing this product for this reason. 

This product not only gives an improvement to performance, but it gives that wonderful wooshing sound that we have all come to love from turbocharged engines and that is sadly lacking from the factory.

The FTA spacers are 5 axis CNC machined from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum to the highest quality standards, and are O-ring sealed to guarantee a lifelong leak free operation.  With a high quality anodized black surface finish there is no concern of any corrosion, and they appear to be nearly factory; to the untrained eye no modifications will be visible.  We offer a lifetime warranty on this product as there is nothing to fail without any moving parts; just bolt them on and forget them, then enjoy your car’s new found performance and character!


  • Bolt-on compatibility
  • No more hot air at intake
  • Wooshing sound from the hood: +5HP every acceleration minimum :)
  • No ECU tuning required
  • CNC Machined of Aluminium 6 Series


Compatibility list:

C63 AMG W205/C205/S205/A205
GLC 63 AMG X253/C253


4.9 23 11

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