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BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds
Manufacturer: Eventuri
Buy at a best price BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds
BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds [0]
BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds [1]
BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds [2]
BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds [3]
BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds [4]
BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds [5]
BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds [6]
BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds [7]
BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds [8]
BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds [9]
BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds [10]
BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds [11]

BMW F9X M5/M8 Black Carbon intake with shrouds

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Awesome lightweight carbon intake system from Eventuri brand — world known manufacturer of performance intake systems. Not only crazy outside appearance and highest quality carbon, but patented technology of high-flow air filters and air flow distribution. Bolt-on installation, cooler air at intake and improved performance as a result. And stunning look. What else do you need for your M5 or M8, BMW-guy?


Eventuri has developed a great technical solution through extensive real world testing and airflow simulation analysis. It features sealed filter housings to maintain a steady IAT, even while stationary. The shrouds which seal the housings, coupled with scoop and shield combination ensures unrestricted airflow while maintaining low IATs through cold air saturation. Large front air scoops transfer ambient air directly into the intake area thus ensuring the engine doesn’t suffer from heat soak. In addition, gold heat-reflective lined shields have integrated flow guides which direct the ambient air from the scoops into the filters. All of these developments allow the turbos to work more effecient with less restriction and reduce the waste-gate duty cycles.


The filter housings comprise of bespoke generation 2 filters, aluminium inlet cowls, carbon shrouds, the carbon pods and integrated tubes. The carbon pods shroud the reverse mounted filters and smoothly shape the airflow down to the stock turbo inlet tubes. This is a key feature of the intake design where we have removed the requirement for a convoluted rubber hose between the airbox and the turbo inlet tubes. The filter housings and integrated tubes extend all the way to the stock turbo tubes and are able to move as one piece with the engine through the strut braces. This removes the extra interfaces of having a separate convoluted tube which the stock system requires for flexibility as the stock airboxes are mounted to the chassis so cannot move. The result is a smoother path from the filter to the turbo inlets and therefore the turbos are able to function with less drag.

The internal volumes of the tubing as they pass through the strut braces is another key feature of Eventuri intake system. In OEM setup, the airbox system must pass through an oval opening in the strut brace on each side before reaching the turbo inlets. Eventuri has managed to increase the internal size of Eventuri intakes at this junction which results in more available volume for the turbos to draw from and therefore less restriction. The increase in cross sectional areas between the Eventuri and the stock airbox is 31% as follows:

    Internal Cross Sectional Area of intake tube at the strut brace:
    Stock Airbox Tube = 6487mm²
    Eventuri Intake Tube = 8497mm²

Eventuri-patented filter housings have a smooth reduction in cross sectional area as they shroud the filters and taper down to the tubing. This geometry invokes the Venturi effect where the airflow accelerates whilst maintaining laminar conditions. Eventuri bespoke filters aid the airflow moving through the housings and allow for an even velocity profile as the airflow exits the housings.

Custom Eventuri carbon shrouds are a recent addition to this intake system. They seal the openings in front of the filter housings from the engine bay whilst still allowing for the air flow to enter the filters from the front scoops. The shrouds follow the design curves of the housings and extend to the inside wheel arches where a rubber seal allows for movement of the intakes with the engine. Made from the same high quality prepreg carbon fiber as the housings, the shrouds finish off the intake system beautifully.

Heatshield and air ramps are also well-designed. The filter housings sit on top of these laser cut shields which also have a gold reflective backing to aid against radiated heat transfer. The shields attach to the chassis and also provide an enclosure for the openings of the housings to draw cool air from. This is aided by the integrated air ramps fixed to the inside of each shield. These ramps guide the air from the scoops upwards to the filters so when the car is in motion - the airflow being forced into the ducts from the front scoops is then directly pushed into the filter area displacing any engine bay heat.


Carbon front scoops - essential to direct ambient air to the filters. Having an effective cold air feed to the filters is an essential part of Eventuri design. Simply having some heat shields in place is not an effective means of avoiding heated air from entering the filters unless the shields create an air tight envelope around the filters. The scoops and shields in Eventuri system combine to provide the filter openings with ambient air and maintain low intake air temperature. The scoops were designed for maximum efficiency in directing the incoming air to the stock duct openings. Many aftermarket scoops have a large flat area almost perpendicular to the oncoming air - not great for channeling it into the ducts as the airflow just "hits" this flat portion and creates turbulence.Unlike most aftermarket "scoops" the Eventuri scoops have been designed extend from the stock duct openings all the way to the grills. In order to capture as much air as possible, the scoops are shaped to the same contours as the outsides of the grills and then smoothly channel ambient air through a continuous curve to the duct openings.




  • Incredible outlook and appearance under hood
  • Highest quality carbon fiber and air-filters material
  • 31% increased inlet tube cross-sectional areas
  • Faster acceleration time even without remap (just think how fast it will after appropriate software tune)
  • Aerodynamically more effecient air flow per intake box
  • Large front scoops force ambient air into the intakes keeping the IATs low
  • Custom housings provide a smooth transition from the filter to the intake tube keeping airflow laminar.


Compatibility list:

BMW M5 F90
BMW M8 F91/F92/F93

4.6 24 12

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