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BMW F87 M2 Competition Kevlar intake
Manufacturer: Eventuri
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BMW F87 M2 Competition Kevlar intake

2 400 EUR
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Awesome lightweight carbon intake system from Eventuri brand — world known manufacturer of performance intake systems. Not only crazy outside appearance and highest quality carbon, but patented technology of high-flow air filters and air flow distribution. Bolt-on installation, cooler air at intake and improved performance as a result. And stunning look. What else do you need for your M2 Competition, dear BMW-guy?

Without any reservation and doubts — Eventuri has developed a great technical solution through extensive real world testing and airflow simulation analysis. 

The F87 M2 Competition intake system, which is technically close to M3/M4 intake system, features sealed filter housings to maintain a more steady IAT, even while stationary. Since the M2 Competition does not have air openings behind the grills, sealed ducts are also added to ensure that the intake temperatures stay as low as possible. The new ducts which seal the housings, coupled with scoops ensures unrestricted airflow whilst maintaining low IATs through cold air saturation. From the scoops to the ducts to the intake tubes – Eenturi developed a “complete solution” to ensure a smooth inlet track with cold air saturation. With a carbon weave to match the OEM M Performance carbon – this truly is a new benchmark.

The filter housings comprise of the high flow filters, aluminium cowls, V-Band clamp, laser cut brackets and the Patented carbon pods themselves. The carbon pods shroud the reverse mounted filter and smoothly shape the airflow down to the intake tubes. This geometry invokes the Venturi effect where the airflow accelerates whilst maintaining laminar conditions. It can be thought of as a large velocity stack - below is a diagram to show the comparison between our patented design and a regular intake system. Our bespoke filters aid the airflow moving through the housings and allow for an even velocity profile as the airflow exits the housings.

2 variants of same product is available:

  1. Cevlar Intake system (current product) with possible colours: red, blue, yellow, orange
  2. Full carbon Intake system (check «related products»)


  • Incredible outlook and appearance under hood
  • Highest quality pure carbon-cevlar fiber and air-filters material
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Increased throttle response
  • Faster acceleration time and power gain even without remap (just think how fast it will after appropriate software tune)
  • Aerodynamically more efficient airflow path from the filter to the MAF tube
  • Custom housings provide a smooth transition from the filter to the intake tube keeping airflow laminar
  • Patented filter flow technology
  • Integrated CNC machined MAF sensor mount on each carbon tube


Compatibility list:

BMW М2 Competition F87

4.9 15 8

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