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Audi RS3 Gen 2 / TTRS 8S intake for DAZA and DWNA Engines

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Carbon turbo inlet elbow for RS3 and TTRS models with 2.5 TFSI from Eventuri brand — world known manufacturer of performance intake systems and parts. Not only crazy outside appearance and highest quality carbon, but patented technology of air flow distribution through a lot of bench tests and car tests.

Bolt-on installation, efficiency and stunning look. What else do you need for your Audi RS3 or TT RS, dear VAG-guy?

1) VOLUME : Inlet Diameters – Eventuri 103mm : Stock 72mm. Outlet Diameters – Eventuri 74mm : Stock 56.4mm. Clearly with significantly larger internal diameter sizes, the Eventuri elbow encapsulates a much larger internal volume which de-restricts the flow path to the turbo.


2) FLOW QUALITY : Having just a large internal volume is no good unless the flow path also allows for smooth airflow to the turbo. By using high temperature pepreg carbon fiber Eventuri managed to achieve a smooth internal surface.This coupled with the smooth curvature of the elbow results in a flow path which minimises turbulence.

3) TEMPERATURE : The final criteria was to minimise the conduction of heat into the airflow. The stock inlet is directly connected to the turbo and so immediately conducts heat as the turbo spools. Our system uses a machined flange which connects to the turbo and then a silicon coupler with an integrated thermal spacer to keep the carbon elbow from having direct contact with the turbo. This barrier coupled with the low through-thickness thermal conductivity of carbon fiber results in less heat being transferred to the airflow.


Eventuri turbo inlet provides a smooth flow path from the 103mm diameter inlet to the 74mm outlet to the turbo flange. We designed the shape with a continuous curvature and maximised the internal volume without affecting the airflow negatively. The inlet is finished in raw carbon so has no clear coat - which would not be able to withstand the heat generated from the turbo and exhaust manifold. The carbon construction allows us to keep the inside flow surface smooth which helps with reducing the surface friction and in turn allows airflow to move easier.

Eventuri ensures strength and rigidity by maintaining a 2mm wall thickness throughout the part. Finally for added protection there is a heat reflective layer applied where the tube crosses the exhaust manifold. This reduces the radiant heat absorbed by the tube. The advantage of using carbon fiber  is mainly down to the thermal conductivity and the ability to keep the inside smooth.

When the RS3/TTRS accelerates, the turbo generates intense heat as it spools. Since the face of the turbo is directly connected to our CNC machined flange, Eventuri designed a silicon coupler to also act as a thermal barrier between the carbon tube and the metal flange. Internally the silicon has a spacer which separates the carbon and metal surfaces. This reduces the conductive heat transfer and therefore allows power to remain more constant since the inlet does not heat soak as quickly as the stock inlet does.




  • 2mm wall thickness
  • Heat-reflective layer
  • Silicon coupler to also act as a thermal barrier between the carbon tube and the metal flange
  • Smooth flow path from the 103mm diameter inlet to the 74mm outlet to the turbo flange
  • Increased airflow and turbocharger efficiency.
  • Reduced air restrictions
  • Power gain and higher turbocharger efficiency



Compatibility list:

!Optional turbo flanges available for popular hybrid turbos, message us for more details!

Audi TT RS 8S
Audi RS3 8V gen 2

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