Crank hub upgrade BMW S55 / N55

599 EUR
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Bolt-on solution for BMW models with 3.0l S55 and N55  engines.


Reinforced crank hub for BMW BMW S55, N55 engines. Stock crank hubs in these engines are common problems when reaching higher power levels. It tends to break or spin independently causing severe damage to the engine. The upgrade crank hub solution is made from high quality materials. It guarantees your engine chain correct and safe movement.

Highly recommended for Stage 2 and Stage 3 levels of upgrades.


Compatibility list:

BMW M2 Competition (F87)
BMW M3 (F80)
BMW M3 Competition (F80)
BMW M4 (F82/F83)
BMW M4 Competition (F82/F83)

BMW 135 (E81/E82/E87/E88)
BMW M135 (F20/F21)
BMW M235 (F22/F23)
BMW M2 (F87)
BMW 335 (F30/F31)
BMW 435 (F32/F33/F36)
BMW 535 (F10/F11/F07)
BMW 535 GT (F07)
BMW 640  (F06/F12/F13)
BMW 740  (F01/F02/F04)
BMW X1 35 (E84)
BMW X3 35 (F25)
BMW X4 35 (F26) 
BMW X5 35 (E70)
BMW X5 35 (F15)
BMW X6 35 (E71)
BMW X6 35 (F16)

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