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Upgrade Intercooler Kit Porsche 991 Turbo(S)
Manufacturer: Wagner Tuning
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Upgrade Intercooler Kit Porsche 991 Turbo(S)

4 440 EUR
  • Product Description

Revolutionary performance and cooling for your engine - The Competition High Performance Intercooler Kit.

Want to take your vehicle's performance and efficiency to a whole new level? Our Competition high performance intercooler kit is the answer. With cutting-edge technology and custom design, this kit allows for an exhilarating driving experience.

The two high-performance intercoolers in this kit each offer intercooler core dimensions of 320 mm x 238 mm x 110 mm, resulting in an impressive total volume of 16.755 liters. This represents a significant 40% increase in charge air volume compared to the stock intercoolers. Our Competition high-performance core not only ensures excellent cooling performance, but also ensures that your engine receives enough cooled air to achieve optimum performance. Despite their impressive performance, these intercoolers are surprisingly lightweight, weighing just 5.3 kg each. The CAD-designed cast aluminum free-form end boxes provide optimal internal airflow and impressive pressure resistance of up to 6 bar, which has been proven in testing.

Our kit includes matching carbon air guides to ensure that the intercoolers are optimally supplied with air. In addition, silicone hoses with an enlarged cross-section are included to further improve airflow.

All of our intercoolers are equipped with an anti-corrosion coating that not only protects against environmental influences, but also has excellent heat conduction properties. This ensures lasting and optimal cooling and is accompanied by a noticeable increase in performance. This kit is completely ready to install and allows for easy replacement with the stock intercoolers. Included are even two carbon air guides, silicone hoses and aluminum adapters.

All of our products undergo rigorous quality monitoring to ensure they meet the highest standards. Designed to meet the demands of racing, this kit offers an inlet and outlet diameter of 65mm.

Get ready for an exciting performance upgrade. Get the Competition High Performance Intercooler Kit now and watch your vehicle rise to new heights. This kit is the ideal choice for enthusiasts who want to get more out of their engine.

Optionally available with compatible Y-charge pipe made of cast aluminum! If you buy the intercooler kit in combination with the Y-charge pipe you save 5%.

Intercooler Upgrade Kit for:

Porsche 991.1 911Turbo 383KW/520PS
Porsche 991.1 911Turbo S 412KW/560PS
Porsche 991.2 911Turbo 397KW/540PS
Porsche 991.2 911Turbo S 427KW/580PS
Porsche 991.2 911Turbo S Exclusive 446KW/607PS

Kit comes with: 2 Intercooler black

2 Carbon air shrouds
4 Silicone Hoses
8 Hose Clamps
1 Mounting Material
2 Aluminum Adapter
1 Installation Instruction

4.6 15 5

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