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Air-to-air cooling system - C63(S) W205
Manufacturer: Black Boost
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Air-to-air cooling system  -  C63(S) W205 [0]
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Air-to-air cooling system - C63(S) W205

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This product is not available for order.  We recommend purchasing this part.  This part — Radiator Kit Mercedes Benz C63 (S) AMG

Air-to-air cooling kit (with optional methanol injection ports) for 4.0l V8 C63 (S) AMG from Black Boost brand — world known AMG tuner and manufacturer of performance parts and cooling kits in particular. Developed in real practice and on-car testing, product features bolt-on installation, cooler air at intake and improved performance as a result. And stunning look. What else do you need for your C63 AMG, Mercedes-guy?


What problems are solved?     OEM factory air-to-water intercooler system from Mercedes is a nice development, but it is far from ideal.  The first thing to consider is that the actual intercooler cores themselves are simply undersized and are overly dense.  Imagine trying to breathe through a straw: you can do it, but it’s not so easy, and the engine feels this way with factory intercooler cores.  The other problem is that the factory liquid heat exchangers are simply not big enough to keep up with the cooling demands of the intercoolers, and temperatures always exceed acceptable numbers.  Believe it or not, Mercedes does not even turn on the water pumps for the factory air to water intercooler system until temperatures  exceed 50C — that is unacceptable. In our practice we often receive C63 log intake air temperaturee at 70*-80* C…

Another problem is that in OEM setup the transmission oil is also cooled using the intercooler system’s heat exchangers, which results in both systems running too hot, this can result in premature transmission failure as well as premature engine failure.  It’s a true disaster, and ultimately very sad, because these engines are absolutely incredible, truly  engineered and capable of incredible HP, but the cooling system from the factory is so far from ideal.  This is what led us to create our front mount air to air intercooler system! 

What do we offer?      Black Boost air to air intercooler core has almost no limit, and ultimately can keep your car cool regardless of what you ever decide to do with it in terms of upgrades. The product has been multiply tested in Meadle East countries, where outside temparature reaches 50*C and proved its effeciency. It is literally impossible to overheat your car with such cooling system kit.

How it works?       Instead of simply eliminating the factory air-to-water heat exchangers, we have actually kept them on the car. Now instead of having 2 engine coolant radiators (1 big and 1 small) from the factory, you have 4 radiators (2 big and 2 small).  We linked the entire system together, meaning your cooling system is nearly twice as capable as before!  On top of this the transmission cooling system is also linked into the system, and you can keep it cool no matter what you do with the car.  Just when you thought cooling couldn’t be improved any more, we have one more addition to these improvements, the oil cooling.  The factory oil cooler has zero ducting air into it, and there is a very low amount of airflow through the oil cooler because of this.  Our intercooler’s base actually doubles as a ducting for the factory oil cooler, which means the oil cooling system is also roughly doubled in its efficiency, as so much air is truly forced through the oil cooler with this setup.   This means that our product is not just an intercooler system, it is truly a FULL cooling system upgrade for every aspect of the car; the engine’s air, the engine’s coolant, the engine’s oil and the transmission’s oil.

One more benfit of the system is in the billet portion of the system that adapts to the throttle bodies (lets name them «throttle body adapters»), we have left provisions that allow you to have additional fuel injectors added if you choose to use this upgrade option.  This means in case you want to use larger turbochargers, you don’t need to worry about the limits of the factory fueling system!  You can use whatever fuel you’d like in this secondary fueling system too, whether it’s 116 octane race gas or methanol, it’s up to you to choose. We enjoy having this as an upgradable option in our system as we know many of our customers may eventually use this core’s 1500 hp potential and fueling is a big part of the race.  We also fully utilize top of the line vibrant O- ring sealed intake couplers, instead of weak rubber or silicone couplers that can fail.  These couplers have been bench tested to survive 800PSI and are truly impossible to break. 

“Over the radiator” design of tubing routing is another part of this system which is a true innovation. It allows us to keep the intercooler system’s piping much shorter, guaranteeing the engine will still be extremely responsive.

 Another cool feature of this intercooler system is that the factory recirculating blow off valves have been repositioned into our tubes so they are able to vent to the atmosphere, giving you true wooshing turbo noises just like you’ve always wanted.

The product is predominantly made of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, many 5 axis CNC machined components, professional TIG welding throughout. The product comes product with the intercooler welded into a factory crash bar which is supplied inside the kit.  You also receive all of the necessary hoses with factory quick disconnect fittings for the cooling system. You also receive highly durable stainless steel brackets for both the top and bottom of the radiator, as it is slightly repositioned to allow the fitment of the intercooler and it’s tubing.  We have gone to extreme lengths to give you a product which is truly superb.

The system fits bolt-on. No cutting or changing is needed anywhere.  Easily returned to factory in the event you decided to sell your car without modifications.

With Black Boost coolink system kit  you can truly unleash the potential of this monstrous Mercedes twin-turbo V8’s power and eliminate the terrible factory cooling nonsense!

Compatibility list:

C63 (S) AMG W205/C205/S205/A205

4.8 23 7

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