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Upgrade Intercooler Kit Audi S4/B9 S5/F5 3.0TFSI (EA839)
Manufacturer: Wagner Tuning
Buy at a best price Upgrade Intercooler Kit Audi S4/B9 S5/F5 3.0TFSI (EA839)
Upgrade Intercooler Kit Audi S4/B9 S5/F5 3.0TFSI (EA839) [0]
Upgrade Intercooler Kit Audi S4/B9 S5/F5 3.0TFSI (EA839) [1]

Upgrade Intercooler Kit Audi S4/B9 S5/F5 3.0TFSI (EA839)

1 590 EUR
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Looking for a way to increase your vehicle's performance and efficiency? Our Competition high-performance intercooler is the answer. Here's what you can expect from this exceptional product:

Our high performance intercooler redefines the standards for performance. With net dimensions of 550 mm x 445 mm x 70 mm (equivalent to 17,130 cc), it offers an impressive 134% larger flow area and 105% more charge air volume compared to the conventional intercooler. This means your engine gets more cooled air, resulting in a noticeable increase in power.

Our Competition high performance mesh is made of high quality Tube Fin material with internal turbulators. This ensures maximum heat transfer and efficient airflow to keep cooling performance at its highest level.

Despite its imposing size, our intercooler is surprisingly lightweight, weighing only 9.5 kg. This minimizes the load on your vehicle and helps improve overall performance.

Optionally, the kit is also available with complete charge air piping. Want to get the most out of your intercooler? Our kit with complete charge air piping is the answer. It includes three reinforced silicone hoses and an aluminum charge air tube for even better performance. The cast aluminum end boxes of our intercooler were developed and optimized with the help of flow analyses in the CFD system. The result is excellent cooling properties with minimal backpressure. All our charge air coolers are equipped with an anti-corrosion coating, which at the same time has excellent heat conduction properties. This ensures permanent and optimal cooling, which translates into an impressive increase in performance. Our kit is completely ready to install and allows for easy replacement with the stock intercooler. No complex conversion required - simply plug and play. Tested up to 6 bar and pressure stable. Our products are subject to strict qualitative monitoring and are also suitable for racing. Increase the performance of your vehicle with our Competition high performance intercooler and feel the difference on every ride. Experience a new dimension in vehicle performance!

Competition Intercooler Kit for
Audi S4 B9/S5 F5 3,0TSFI
Audi S4 B9 3,0TFSI 260KW/354PS (2016+)*
Audi S5 F5 3,0TFSI 260KW/354PS (2016+)*

  • the supplied brackets are only suitable for the EU model.

Core dimensions original intercooler:
720mm x 145mm x 80mm
V=8,35 Liter
A=1044 cm²

Core dimensions intercooler:
550mm x 445mm x 70mm
V=17,13 Liter
A=2447 cm²

Kit comes with: Please choose option

4.6 30 6

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