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Upgrade Intercooler Kit RS6 C8 RS7 C8
Manufacturer: RaceHub
Upgrade Intercooler Kit RS6 C8 RS7 C8
Upgrade Intercooler Kit RS6 C8 RS7 C8 [0]

Upgrade Intercooler Kit RS6 C8 RS7 C8

4 990 EUR
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RaceHub is pleased to introduce our new air-to-air cooling system for RS6C8, RS7C8.

The volume is more +56% , which is capable of cooling 1200-1400 horsepower
“Bolt on” Is installed without making any technological changes. 

The use of larger, better quality cores allows us to achieve the best inlet temperatures compared to popular competitors.
In this version of the intercooler, the body was improved for more uniform blowing, which also affected the final result.

For comparison, brand "W" is 8 degrees different from stock, another popular brand "C" is 14 degrees,
we were able to achieve a difference of 28 degrees.

With our intercooler, the delta in the entire range does not exceed 10 degrees, which is the best result among similar products.
This intercooler will allow you to easily get more than 1000hp. on your car

The intercoolers are manufactured on high-precision equipment using all the latest technologies and preliminary modeling of all processes, including air flows. 
Passing quality control
It is also possible to paint in the desired color.





          300x225x101 (mm)
          A=67.500 (mm)
          V=6.817.500 (mm³)
          6.817.5x2 = 13.635 nutpa


    300x265x115 (mm)
    A=79.500 (mm)
    V=9.142.500 (mm³) 
    9.142.5x2 = 18.285 nutpa (+34%)


          315x300x112.5 (mm)
          A=94.500 (mm)
          V= 10.631.250 (mm³)
          10.631.250x2 = 21.262 nutpa (+56%)

56% more square footage
The volume is 22% larger than the competition!


Compatibility list:
RS6 C8
RS7 C8
A8 60TFSI D5
S8 D5

4.7 29 3

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