BMW N55 upgrade turbocharger STAGE 1 550+ hp

2 150 EUR
Are you ready to hand over your turbine:
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Bolt-on solution for BMW  135, M135, M235, M2, 335, 435, 535, 640, 740, X1, X3, X4, X5, X6 with 3.0l N55 single-turbo engine.

Power range: 550 +  hp

Hybrid turbocharger is designed to work with OEM stock exhaust manifold and other engine units. It provides easier power gain and better spool. For those who need even more power gain  than with these turbos, STAGE 2 version is available.

upgrade turbocharger for BMW N55 features:

  • improved bearing system that helps to hold heavy loads;
  • new billet compressor wheel. This enlarged impeller with improved design helps achieve wanted boost easier. Due to its better material and special production processes it is more reliable when used under high pressure;
  • upgraded turbine wheel with shaft from stronger material and improved design. Enlarged base provides better flow;
  • machined and fully refurbished housings;
  • every rotating part of the turbocharger balanced, after full assembly turbocharger is ballanced on VSR;

Compatibility list:

BMW 135 (E81/E82/E87/E88)
BMW M135 (F20/F21)
BMW M235 (F22/F23)
BMW M2 (F87)
BMW 335 (F30/F31)
BMW 435 (F32/F33/F36)
BMW 535 (F10/F11/F07)
BMW 535 GT (F07)
BMW 640  (F06/F12/F13)
BMW 740  (F01/F02/F04)
BMW X1 35 (E84)
BMW X3 35 (F25)
BMW X4 35 (F26) 
BMW X5 35 (E70)
BMW X5 35 (F15)
BMW X6 35 (E71)
BMW X6 35 (F16)