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Low Pressure Fuel Pump upgrade M157
Manufacturer: Spool Performance
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Low Pressure Fuel Pump upgrade M157

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LPFP Upgrade kit for Mercedes models with M157 5.5l biturbo engine

Introducing Stage 3 LPFP Upgrade for the Mercedes-AMG M157 engine – a technical advancement in low-pressure fuel systems designed to meet the demands of high-output applications. Our upgrade kit is engineered to address the inefficiencies of standard electric fuel pumps by incorporating a dual-pump mechanism that operates in tandem with your vehicle's boost cycle. The primary pump maintains steady fuel delivery, while the secondary pump is programmed to activate during boost, providing a significant increase in flow rate to support fueling demands up to and beyond 1200 wheel horsepower (whp).

The system's compatibility with E85 and other fuel types is achieved through the use of ethanol-resistant materials and components, ensuring reliability and longevity under high-stress conditions. The Stage 3 LPFP Upgrade is designed to work with the vehicle’s existing fuel management system, facilitating a smoother integration and minimizing the need for extensive modifications.

Key technical enhancements include:

  • A twin-pump configuration, optimizing fuel delivery and reducing the likelihood of pump starvation under high loads.
  • A flow rate that nearly doubles that of the OEM pump, providing ample fuel supply for advanced direct injection systems.
  • A robust electrical and fuel line infrastructure designed to support increased flow and pressure demands.


For Mercedes-AMG M157 owners looking to extract maximum performance from their engines, particularly in scenarios requiring substantial fuel volumes such as upgraded HPFP and turbo applications, the Stage 3 LPFP Upgrade represents a crucial upgrade path. This system is not just about raw power but about the precision of fuel delivery, ensuring that your engine operates at peak efficiency with a reliable fuel supply.

Compatible with AMG models E63, CLS63, GLE63, S63, and SL63 powered by the M157 engine.


Compatibility list:

CL63 AMG C216
CLS63 AMG C218/X218
E63 AMG W212/S212/C207
G500 W463
G63 AMG W463
GL63 AMG X166
GLS63 AMG X166
GLE63 AMG C292
GLE63 AMG W166
ML63 AMG W166
S63 AMG W221/V221
S63 AMG W222/V222
S63 AMG C217/A217
SL63 AMG R231


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