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Black Boost intake system - Porsche 911 GT3 (991)
Manufacturer: Black Boost
Buy at a best price Black Boost intake system - Porsche 911 GT3 (991)
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Black Boost intake system - Porsche 911 GT3 (991)

2 500 EUR
  • Product Description

Performance intake system for Porsche 3.8l flat-six engine from Black Boost brand  — world known  tuner and manufacturer of performance parts and intake systems in particular. Developed in real practice and on-car testing, product features bolt-on installation, cooler air at intake and improved performance as a result. And stunning look. What else do you need for your racetrack GT3 (RS) monster, Porsche-guy?

Remember: the cooler the air that enters the engine, the higher the power is, because cooler air is more dense, and having more air molecules entering the combustion chamber allows you to add more fuel, ultimately resulting in more power!  Higher reliability is achieved also, as an engine running cooler is an engine less prone to knock causing detonation (pinking).

Ultra lightweight design using 2mm aluminum, it only weighs 2 kilos more than the factory box which has ca. 1/3 the filter area and much lower flow. Having ultra tight space and a being a complex part in general, the intake system is measured out carefully by hand and designed in CAD.

With two seriously massive BMC filters with 5” velocity stacks feeding into the tubes and a sealed design using the factory ram air inlet, you can expect seriously cooler air. But you cannot have the best intake without having the best filters, and the Italian made BMC filter brand is at the top of the filter food chain.  They filter an incredible 7 micron size particle, factory paper filters can only achieve 10 microns.  The physical size of our filters are the largest available from any company on the market giving you a significantly higher surface area for filtration.  The particular BMC filter we choose to use is a twin air design, meaning there is an additional set of filter elements in the front of the filter, giving even more available flow than would otherwise be offered.  When you consider that BMC filters are already the best, and additionally we are using larger filters with more surface area than any other company, it is easy to see why greater performance is the obvious outcome in such a scenario, as we achieve higher flow!

Do not forget that a personalized laser cut stainless steel logo plate is available on the product. BlackBoost icorporates company’s name, the information about the product, a serial number, and also the option to write who the intake is hand crafted for!  If you do not want to write your name, you can write anything you want within the available space, this is your choice, and if you choose not to write anything this is also ok.



  • Sealed airboxes (from underhood heat soaks)
  • Significantincrease of airflow and filtration area
  • Highest quality of materials and manufaсturing
  • Power gain and increased acceleration time even without «remap» (just think how fast it will after appropriate software tune)
  • Aerodynamically more effecient air flow from intake boxes
  • Possible customization on logo plate


Compatibility list:

991.1 GT3 3.8l Flat-6 Cold Air Intake System.

4.5 23 4

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